My heart

Not to feel

All that it sees


By others

That cannot see

With their own hearts


Themselves in to pieces

Yet blame others

For their


Because they cannot see

With their hearts

Only their


Their mind

Likes to think

It knows more is


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Image from pic collage


Pieces of life lived

Without a goodbye

Tears that fall

But never can cry

Dreams passing by

Like ships ghosting

Shadows at night

Winds holding still

Wings that won’t fly

Me without you

For no reason why

Words playing

With meanings

As if puppets on strings

Dancing around

Oblivious to things

Pieces of time

Wasted flashing by

Rhymes holding hostage

All that’s inside

The silence not visible

To naked eyes

Felt by ears waiting

No sound to be found

Like petals falling

Softly to the ground

Fingers speaking

In tongues

Worded Braille

Sans lungs

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Artwork by @naoto_hattori on Instagram


All we are is temporary moments

Sandwiched and fleeting

Existing skipping pebbles of time

Across unseen planes of breaths and heart beats

Hoping to collide into twinkling fragments

That’s stretch our feelings into bones

Magnificently pulverized into dust

Scattered and glowing into souls

We have touched

Not outside

But within

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Emerald Dreams

Far Beyond And Out Of Reach

I looked at all that I could see

Green above and below me

In between the cracks of lonely spaces

In all the ways that sage graces

Life and love to heave and bleed

All the oxygen that fuels our need

To be as emeralds in a trunk

Of treasure that’s been lost and sunk

Weighted fathoms deep in wanted seas

For moments lost I refused to seize

The bounty of gems within my grasp

Feeling certain the green wouldn’t last

Instead the brilliance would be sure to fade

On the bed of withered moss I’d made

Far beyond and out of reach

Image from Pic Collage

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There was something pink or blue upon my mind

It was floating in the air above my eye

Catching words from skies not knowing what I’d find

Seeking hues as shades of green but not sure why

The wanders I ponder to places I feel

Deep inside letters that had no name

Less or more words playing sexy appeal

Less is more like a match to a flame

Fire burns sight unseen in broad daylight

Bridges that were retardant to heat

Invisible ink like morse code at night

Sounding like thoughts read out loud waiting to meet

Dreams and wishes that long only to be

Real not make believe thoughts hiding in shadows

Fingers stained grey with inked fantasy

Metaphors walking planks to the gallows

Only one hammer and only one nail

Pieces of stories never yet told

Of then and when and how love prevails

On their pages aging daily unfold

Denise Rusley


Thank you for reading. I appreciate true tactful feedback.

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Art by @ladyart75

@ladyart75 on Instagram


Do not give me flowers

Instead sow seeds for me

Seeds of kindness paid forward

To grow bouquets of humanity

A fragrance to last eternally


Denise Rusley

Thank you for reading.

#poetry #artoftheheart #bethedifference #sowkindness #believe #toloveandbeloved #behumane

Image credit:Pinterest/ Artist Unknown/ Credit to artist

Meta For Stars

I didn’t see the stars tonight

Or look up in the sky

Yet I still made a wish for you

I knew the stars knew why

It’s said that lovers look at moons

If only to have love

But as I thought of you this night

I prayed you’d have what you dream of

I do not pretend to know

All the things that you do

Still I pray the best and most

That the stars will come through for you

I know you do not know

That I said a secret prayer

Wishing up at stars tonight

Silently blown into the air

I think I think of wishes

Usually for me, myself and I

But as I thought of you

I prayed your hidden tears will dry

You will not know this is yours

These words that are not colored

The stars I did not see tonight

For you, I know they wander

Yes it seems it really is true

Way up in the sky so dark

Millions of stars are twinkling

Their lights and searching for you

I do not need to see the stars

To know that they are there

Only feel for you inside my heart

That your wishes they will hear

It is a simple hope

From one friend to another

That the stars will shower you tonight

With peace more than any other

I didn’t see the stars tonight

Or moonbeams from crescent moons

Though I prayed that their magic

Will heal all your heart’s wounds

I didn’t see the stars tonight

Or look up in the sky

Still I pray the best for you

No matter the who, what or the color of the sky

Denise Rusley


#poetry #prayers #stars #wishes #fridayblessings #artoftheheart #wordfriends

Image credit: Pinterest/ Chardonne Paynes

One Hundred Poems

You speak your speak and I will speak mine

Magical words wanton in meanings and rhymes

Though I am young, I too, am also old

With temptable syllables yet to be told

It’s no one’s quandary to wonder

What through my encrypted eyes they may wander

Through worlds too small or too freshly green

Where secret ideas seed and dream

Be kind to the trees for the seasons they’ve been

Their deep rooted bodies for lives they friend

I may speak for the trees, one hundred of them

I may speak for the one hundred trees

They are too few left and not enough bees

They have been deceived and left to be still

To weather whether their branches can feel

Unable to scream or deploy or any other such noise

The world has forgotten and is playing with toys

In a romper room playground at recess

If anyone is really listening is anyone’s guess

So listen to every creak and moan and grumbling sound

Put your ears to the dirt hear deep in the ground

Listen quit talking balking start walking

Run your fingers through the gravelly rocks calling

Feel each pebble hear it’s longing

Make your own magic stand in the sand

Never give up do not settle this is not man’s land

I speak for the one hundred trees

Crawling on their knees

Begging and praying for anyone to hear

Listen pay attention before they disappear

Now back to the start if you are really still here

Do not question the colors I see they do not fear

Not for all the fishes swimming in the darkest blue sea

I speak for the one hundred trees, I for them and they for me

Thank you for reading

Denise Rusley


#poetry #wordcolors #metaphors #toloveandbeloved #wordplay #writing #trees #honesty

Image credit:Pinterest/artist unknown/credit to artist


Have you ever seen the backs of hearts

Broken with cracks where the light departs

Fibrillating electricity

Shocked and barely beating miserably

Hooked but can’t remove the baited lure

Feeling helplessly alone and unsure

Of yesterday’s yellowed words, today’s purple bruise

Touching truths it’s always your choice to choose

Denise Rusley / Nobullheart

Thank you for reading. Honored to read any thoughts or comments.

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